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We are looking for volunteers of 2 kinds.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help make a new type of sustainable city a reality and are aiming to reach our goal within...
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E-COMMERCE STORE (Japanese site)

Re-Newal Site E-COMMERCE STORE (Japanese site) 現在、メッセージサービス・システムを構築中・・・ まだ、新規会員の募集は行っておりません。 【新機能】:Product-Codeの番号をご自身で決められます。 Click here! ステッカー、シール専用サイト(※ Product-Code は付きません) 新しいサイトに移行したため、現在こちらからのご注文はできません
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E-COMMERCE STORE (English site)

This online shop is available to [A volunteer with a return] only. Not available to [A volunteer without a return]. What’s the [A volunteer with...
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If on your way to HIROSHIMA…

If on your way to HIROSHIMA from TOKYO/OSAKA, you can have a chance to get a best souvenir of your trip! and if happened to...
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