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We are looking for volunteers of 2 kinds.

We are looking for volunteers of 2 kinds.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help make a new type of sustainable city a reality and are aiming to reach our goal within two and a half to four years.

Our goals & Achievement

There are two types of volunteers.
A). A volunteer with a return
B). A volunteer without a return

Both can contribute in the different ways
1). Making a donation of money to us
2). Getting an item from us
3). Your skills & Job experiences

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A). [A volunteer with a return] means that he is only entitled to receive returns when we reach our final goal, i.e. when a new type of sustainable city is completed. If we fail to reach our final goal, he will not be entitled to it.

The nature of the return depends on your contribution to the final goal reached.
In order to quantify the contribution, those who wish to volunteer for this cause must become members of the online shop run by our organization.

B). [A volunteer without a return] is a self-willed, unpaid volunteer who has no desire for a return and is usually considered to be a self-willed, unpaid volunteer.

[STEP 1]
Until December 31, 2020
In the first, we need to prepare for & to make an application for international trade mark.
[STEP 2]
Within one year
Can the new type of sustainable city be protected from a copy of one by intellectual property law like copyright law? We think that it may be possible.
[STEP 3]
Within one to two years and a half
Are there some local cities around the world which are strong possibility as the new type of sustainable city? We think that there might be in somewhere.

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